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Our New Meeting Venue

From May 1, our monthly meeting venue is to be the Virginia Todd Community Centre, 9-15 Clarence Street, Geelong West 3218.

July 3 Speaker

On July 3, Phoebe Wilkens‘, topic will be Geelong Stories. She is a researcher behind SBS’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are?

August 7 Visit

The staff at the Geelong Heritage Centre will be providing us with special access to their collection and a talk on their work.

David Brunton – A stalwart of our society

Becoming the third president of the Geelong Historical Society is an honour and a privilege. I feel a great sense of indebtedness to those who have carried the torch for so many years to keep our Society ticking over since 1944.  I thank David Brunton for his guidance and guardianship of our society since 2007. I shall seek his advice and counsel too as I learn the new role. I hope my efforts can help to move us forward and I enlist your support with some new ideas. I need your help with suggestions to make it relevant for you.

I would like to begin by establishing a regular communication between our monthly meetings. A new inclusive, modern, inviting and attractive website on my agenda. This will assist in a recruitment drive to expand our membership.

A strong point of difference between our society and the other wonderful local history sites available on the internet is that we tell the story behind the pictures of the past. We drill down into the events, life, values and customs of the past, so we can attempt to understand those times past that have shaped our present and influenced our future.

Our society is fortunate to have so many long standing members, both individual and corporate who have supported us in our endeavours. Without that support we would not have survived. I hope to publicise the people who have guided us in the past and recognise their contribution.

Harry Roberts

Harry Roberts, our new Geelong Historical Society president, provides a short 4 minute overview to the society’s updated website and its Member Only section.

As is explained in the video, this member only section, will provide a range of resources and opportunities for members to post material that they believe will be of interest and value to other members.

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  3. Fill in your details and click the REGISTER button
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  5. You will immediately get the second email. It asks you to pay but ignore that request … you have already paid!
  6. As soon as I can, I will send you the third and final email. It has your password in it.
  7. You must use this password to log into the site. However once logged in you can change it … if you want to!

Some of the Photos and Artwork used in the website

The State Library of Victoria holds an amazing collection of artwork and photographs of early Geelong. Most of the photographs and artwork used in this website are sourced from its catalogue. I have included them in this carousel so you can examine them more closely. They are either in the public domain or are used with permission. When known, we endeavour to attribute the source and status of the visual content used.

Member news & updates

Use the button below to go to the Members Only Section to read the the latest member news and research reports. If you think you would like to share your stories here, please contact the webmaster at web@geelonghistoricalsociety.org.au for access details.