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Investigator magazine

Single copies: current and previous copies $5.00

Per set: $20.00 for previous years

Digitised Index to the Investigator 1965-2009 on CD    $20.00

A Thoroughly Protestant Emigration   $27.00

Anglicans in Geelong   $10.00

Churches in Geelong   $3.00

Early Days of Highton and Belmont   $5.00

Flinders 200   $6.50

Geelong Diary of Euphemia Simson   $10.00

Geelong Hotels and their Licensees   $17.00

Geelong the Pivot   $14.00

History of the Great Ocean Road   $8.00

Hitchcock: Geelong’s Visionary   $32.00

Our Road to the Coast   $15.00

Poetry, Songs and Other Things   $15.00

The Lightning Diary of John Fenwick   $8.00

The Todd Journal : soft cover   $20.00

Marnock Vale   $4.00 ($3.00)

Geelong : Liardet Print   $12.00

Geelong : a short history   $12.00

Graham Berry – Geelong’s Radical Premier   $17.00

Fyansford Prints   $2.00 each

Geelong / Fyansford gift card sets   $3.00 per set

Pamphlet : A Guide to the Historic Buildings of Geelong along the Waterfront  Postage in Australia $1.00

Generous Providers and Stern Custodians   $21.00

Respectable Behaviour   $21.00

The Vagabond at Sleepy Hollow   $10.00
The Pentonvillains   $17.00

In Perfectly Safe Hands   $21.00

The Honourable Member for Corio   $21.00

Sand, Fireworks and Boxthorn – The History of Breakwater