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The Investigator

The Geelong Historical Society was founded in 1944, and since 1965 it has published its own magazine, The Investigator

It is dedicated to fostering and presenting historical research, and collaborating with exhibitions and public programs, to highlight the historical significance of Geelong and District.

It is published annually and all financial members of the Society are automatically subscribed and mailed hard copies as part of their membership. We encourage interested members of the public to join the Geelong Historical Society and gain access to this invaluable source of Victorian history.

Throughout the year, we will make available online, a selection of articles from the Investigator archive.  You can read them here.

A digitised index (in PDF format) is available for the issues from 1965-2009 which can be purchased on CD for $20.

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Peter Lalor 1856 – State Library of Victoria

Our Current Publications List

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A Thoroughly Protestant Emigration   $27.00
Anglicans in Geelong   $10.00
Churches in Geelong   $3.00
Early Days of Highton and Belmont   $5.00
Flinders 200   $6.50
Geelong Diary of Euphemia Simson   $10.00
Geelong Hotels and their Licensees   $17.00
Geelong the Pivot   $14.00
History of the Great Ocean Road   $8.00
Hitchcock: Geelong’s Visionary   $32.00
Our Road to the Coast   $15.00
Poetry, Songs and Other Things   $15.00
The Lightning Diary of John Fenwick   $8.00
The Todd Journal : soft cover   $20.00
Marnock Vale   $4.00 ($3.00)
Geelong : Liardet Print   $12.00
Geelong : a short history   $12.00
Graham Berry – Geelong’s Radical Premier   $17.00
Fyansford Prints   $2.00 each
Geelong / Fyansford gift card sets   $3.00 per set
Pamphlet : A Guide to the Historic Buildings of Geelong along the Waterfront 
Generous Providers and Stern Custodians   $21.00
Respectable Behaviour   $21.00
The Vagabond at Sleepy Hollow   $10.00
The Pentonvillains   $17.00
In Perfectly Safe Hands   $21.00
The Honourable Member for Corio   $21.00
Sand, Fireworks and Boxthorn – The History of Breakwater

Please take note we do not undertake public research.

Our publications are a great resource for local history stories but we do not conduct research for the general public.

Access our Publications

Past volumes of the Society’s Investigator can be found in the Geelong Library and State Library, with articles pertaining to our published research and contributions from members of the public.   A membership with the Geelong Historical Society, includes a subscription to the Investigator.

Family History Contacts

Please contact The Geelong Heritage Centre (GRLC) for access to Geelong and District historical records, and assistance with researching your home, exploring your family history, browsing historical images and requesting research assistance. Their phone number is 03 4201 0600 or use the web link below.

Other Sources

If you are researching family history and require assistance, we recommend contacting the Geelong Family History Group.

The Australasian Association of Genealogists and Record Agents (AAGRA) is another option.