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Lectures are held at the St Paul’s Church Hall, 170-177 Latrobe Terrace Geelong, at 8pm on the first Wednesday of the month (excluding January) and followed by a Supper.   We welcome both our Society members and members of the community to attend.


2nd February   Dr Peter Mansfield OAM – Research undertaken during lock-down

2nd March       Daryl Wight – Geelong and Western Hunt Club

6 April   Annual General Meeting    Dr Peter Mansfield OAM – Geelong’s popularly-elected Mayors (Fagg and Lyons)

4th May   Daryl Wight – Corio Chronicle and Western District Advertiser

1st June   Roger Southern – The Embroidered Silk Scarves from Cairo

6th July  Dr Justin Corfield – the Malayan Campaign and Fall of Singapore (with several Geelong references)

3rd August  Daryl Wight – Two very early Geelong schools: Mrs Garrow’s Seminary for Girls and Mr Grove’s Academy for Boys

7th September  Members’ night

                                        5th October  Dr Peter Mansfield OAM – Latest research

2nd November  Cheryl Scott – WWI Nurses at Osborne House

7th December  Christmas ‘Show and Tell’


cancelled due to COVID restrictions


January  Recess
5th February   Peter Mansfield   Respectable Behaviour (early Geelong)
4th March   Greg Hill    Victoria’s Earliest Potteries
(April 2020 to December 2020 cancelled due to Covid)


January – Recess

6th February      Peter Mansfield   Current Research  

6th March      Norm Houghton  Gentleman’s Clubs

3rd April     Ian Rogers  A History of the Geelong Botanical Gardens and Eastern Park 

1st May   Ian Munro: The Evolution of Fire Services throughout the Ages

5th June      Cheryl Scott: War Worn & Weary – the convalescent nurses of Osborne House

3rd July     Dale Gibbon     Geelong Classic Cinema: Classic Film Night

7th August     Ross Allen   The History of Tuckers Funeral Services

4th September    Roy Hay  Writing Aboriginal Biographies 

2nd October    Peter Ganly   A history of North Shore

6th November    Daryl Wight   Geelong Chronicle Newspaper 1861–1865

5th December     Rob Craddock Memorial Night with audience participation – Includes Christmas Supper


January Recess

7th February      Chris Ganly     Gold on Mercers Hill 

7th March       Ron Medson     Family History

4th April     Graeme Tomkins     Riverview Dairy

May 2nd     Marie Nunan     Barwon Health 1760-2000

6th June      Robert Ingpen     Murals in Geelong’s Public Places 

4th July     Dale Gibbon     Geelong Classic Cinema: Classic Film Night

1st August     Joan Hunt     Pitfield: Geelong to Western District and Pitfield Plains Goldfields 

5th September     Claudette Brennan     The Heights, Newtown and its Occupants

3rd October     Padraic Fisher     The National Wool Museum

7th November     Neil Thomas     Celts: Cornish History in Geelong and Australia

5th December     Members’ Night     Audience participation followed by Christmas Supper