June Meeting

A new era has begun in the Geelong Historical Society. After 17 years at the helm, David Bunton has decided it’s time to pass over the presidency of the Society. At this handover Harry Roberts, the incoming President, outlined exciting plans for the Society. At its heart are steps designed to build on our strengths and to attract new members to the society creating a vibrant presence both in our physical community and online.

Our plan is entitled Our Future : Thriving by Looking Outward to the Future. The plan is based on three important strands. Each strand is intertwined and supports the other. Community is first strand, with the society looking after its members by providing more information and events. The other aspect of community is to engage with the broader community.

Communication is the second important strand. We are developing a modern and vibrant new website to include a member only section with extra articles, reports and activities for all to enjoy, both members and prospective ones. Beyond the monthly lecture and quarterly Investigator magazine, a revitalised Facebook presence is also being planned.

Participation is the third strand where members are encouraged to play to their strengths by becoming active in subcommittees, project work and by contributing their writings or personal research to our growing publications. The Committee also unveiled the work undertaken up to this point. New Committee member, Michael O’Donnell, who has designed the new website, took members through the new website features.

It was reassuring that such a large group of members attended to meeting and gave their support for the new directions outlined. A longer than ordinary supper followed the meeting, with members enjoying the warm and comfortable features of our new meeting hall and the very satisfying supper.

Harry Roberts

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