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The Geelong Historical Society was founded in 1944, and is dedicated to fostering and presenting historical research, and collaborating with exhibitions and public programs, to highlight the historical significance of Geelong and District. Since 1965 it has published its own magazine, The Investigator.

It is published annually and all financial members of the Society are automatically subscribed and mailed hard copies as part of their membership. We encourage interested members of the public to join the Geelong Historical Society and gain access to this invaluable source of Victorian history.

Throughout the year we will make available online, a snapshot of some previous stories from The Investigator Magazine. An annual subscription runs for 12 months beginning in March and is available for $35.

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150 years on, we focus on how gold changed Geelong.

2023 was the 170th anniversary of the Wreck of the Earl of Charlemont, off Barwon Heads. In our fourth magazine of the year we included an article by Brian Latter, that told the story of a grateful survivor who penned a letter to the Geelong Advertiser some fifty years after the event.

In other articles, Norman Houghton, former Chief Archivist at the Geelong Historical Records Centre, explored the connections between the Eureka Rebellion and Geelong. The Rev. Allan Ansell, a first time contributor, recounted the strange, sad tale of Elijah Upjohn, petty thief transported to Van Diemans Land and Pentridge Prisoner.

Daryl Wright explored the life of Mrs Julia Avins, who was the first woman to tread the boards in the Port Phillip district in 1841 and chronicled her connections with Geelong. Cheryl Scott, the Osborne Park President, concluded her extensive series on the ‘Ceres Hotels’.

Julia Avins (c. 1816-1892)
Victoria’s first actress

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