Church of Christ, Geelong


Lectures held at Church of Christ Hall, 275 Latrobe Terrace Geelong, at 8pm on the first Wednesday of the month.

They are followed by a supper.   We welcome our members and members of the community to attend.


1st February  Dr Geoff Russell  Geelong’s Past and Future

1st March  Daryl McLure  James Harrison and the early days of the Geelong Advertiser

April 5th   Dr David Weatheral  History of Pakington Street, Geelong West 

May 3rd   Dr Andrew Clarke  Woodlands Historic Park (formerly Chaffey’s Farm Home of Living Legends)

June 7th  Dr Justin Corfield  Chess in Geelong 

July 5th   Geelong Classic Cinema  Film Night

Agust 2nd  Mr Trevor Pescott  Early Geelong Field Naturalists Clubs 

September 6th  Mr Brian Latter  The Stranding of the Bancoora

October 4th  Mr Ken Mould  Advancements in Geelong Technology 

November 1st  Mr Ron Medson  International Harvester Co. P/L 

December 6th   Members’ Night  Audience participation followed by Christmas Supper

Previous Lectures (2016)

February 3rd   Mr Barry Fagg  One Hundred Years of Geelong Buildings

March 2nd   Mr Terry Wills-Cooke  Mrs Roope’s Diary 1861

April 6th   Mr Edward (Ted) Stephens  The Ormonds of  Booriyalloak

May 4th   Ms Susie Zada   Point Henry – An Amazing Place

June 1st    Dr. Diane Reilly  Two Gentlemen of Melbourne – La Trobe and Barry

July 6th   Geelong Classic Cinema  Film Night

August 3rd   Mr Daryl McLure  The Geelong Advertiser History (cancelled)

September 7th    Mr Alan Carr  Church of Christ Latrbe Terrace History

October 5th   Dr. David Rowe  Government Architect  – J.S. Murdoch

November 2nd   Ms Claudette Brennan  The History of the Sisters of Mercy in Geelong

December 7th   Members’ Night  Audience participation followed by Christmas Supper

Previous Lectures (2015)

March 4th   Mr Richard Critchlow  The History of Geelong Repertory Theatre Company

April 1st   Ms Pam Jennings  Geelong and District Soldiers of WW1

May 6th   Mr Stephen Due  Geelong’s Earliest Doctors

June 3rd    Ms Patty Manolis  Geelong’s New Library

July 1st   Film Night  Geelong Classic Film Society screening

August 5th    Ms Dianne Sawyer  Queenscliff and other Victorian Botanical Gardens

September 2nd   Fr. Kevin Dillon  Geelong’s Old Historic Churches – What is their future?

October 7th   Ms Kaz Paton  My Churchill Fellowship Experience

November 4th   Mr Lindsay Smail  Weather Wonders of Geelong, 1830s to present day

December 2nd   Members’ Night  Audience participation followed by Christmas Supper